Goat Lipase 16 ounces
Calf, Lamb & Kid Goat Lipase

Calf, Lamb and Kid Goat Lipase for enhancing the flavor of Italian and other specialty type cheeses such as Manchego.  Active lipase enzyme will produce a specific ratio of free fatty acids as a result of milkfat lipolysis when added … Continued

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Cheese ash Shaker
Cheese Ash Shaker

Our clients love this cheese ask shaker that will make is easy to dispense the cheese ash evenly on your cheese.  Made of Food-Grade Dairythene plastic and comes with a clear plastic cover to cover the mesh and store the … Continued

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Fromase XLG 5 Gallons
Fromase Rennet

Fromase Rennet available in liquid is a highly purified liquid microbial coagulant (endopeptidase) preparation derived from a selected strain of Rhizomucor miehei.  Fromase is preservative free and has a Kosher and HALAL status before being repacked by The Cheese Connection … Continued

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Marzyme Supreme 5 Gallons
Marzyme Supreme Rennet

Marzyme Supreme Rennet available in liquid form.  Marzyme is an enzyme produced by the fermentation of a purified culture of the fungal specie Rhizomucor miehei.  This product is considered Kosher and HALAL certified in the 5 gallon/20 liter container. International … Continued

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Renco 100 Gram Flat
Renco Calf/Veal Rennet

Renco Calf/Veal Rennet available in liquid or powder form.  The Federal Code of Regulations indicates that animal based rennets can be used in the production of organic cheeses.  §205.605: Nonagricultural (nonorganic) substances allowed as ingredients in or on processed products … Continued

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