Cheese molds with follower lids for pressing the curd

Edam Mold and Follower Lid
Edam molds from Denmark.
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Gouda Holandes Mold and Follower Lid

Gouda Mold and Follower Lid .  Select from two different molds Gouda Small Top Internal Diameter:  5.00″, Bottom Internal Diameter:  4.00″ and Internal Height:  2.50″. Holds 1 pounds 12 ounces or 400 to 800 grams of curd. Select from: Small … Continued

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Tome Mold and Follower Lid

An impressive selection of Tome Molds and Follower lids to select from.  Sizes range of holding 1 pounds to 18 pounds of milk curd, and the larger molds come equipped with netting inside the molds.  These molds are made of … Continued

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