Molds traditionally used by the Dutch to form Gouda and Edam cheese. Our clients also use to smaller Gouda molds for personal size Cheddar, Cotswold, Havarti and Small cheeses for family and friends.

14.5 ounce Gouda Mold with Follower Lid
14.5 ounce Gouda Mold and Follower Lid

A Danish 14.5 ounce Gouda mold and Follower lid.  Internal Diameter:  3.50″, Internal Height:  3.75″. These molds are made of Food Grade Dairythene Plastic and while the molds and lids are dishwasher safe at lower temperatures, we recommend warm soapy … Continued

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8 ounce Gouda Mold with Follower Lid
8 ounce Gouda Molds and Follower Lids

Select from: An 8 ounce mold and follower (with or without butter muslin liners).  Internal Diameter:  3.50″, Internal Height:  2.50″; or, An 8 ounce mold, follower lid and butter muslin liners.  Internal Diameter:  3.25″, Internal Height:  2.50″. Traditionally, the Danish … Continued

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Holandes Mold, 1.12 pound Mold
Gouda Mold and Follower Lid

Gouda Mold and Follower Lid .  Select from two different sizes: Gouda Small (select with or without butter muslin liners): Top Internal Diameter:  5.00″, Bottom Internal Diameter:  4.00″ and Internal Height:  2.50″.  Holds 1 pounds 12 ounces or 400 to … Continued

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