Plastic or Stainless Steel cheese form/hoops that assist in shape and draining of the curd.

14.5 ounce Gouda Mold and Follower Lid

A Danish 14.5 ounce Gouda mold and Follower lid.  Internal Diameter:  3.50″, Internal Height:  3.75″. Select from: Gouda mold, follower lid and butter muslin set Gouda mold and follower lid only Replacement butter muslin liners These molds are made of … Continued

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8 ounce Gouda Molds and Follower Lids

Traditionally, the Danish use the molds with butter muslin to perfectly and uniformly shape the curd.  These molds are made of Food Grade Dairythene Plastic and while the molds, lids and butter muslin are dishwasher safe at lower temperatures, we … Continued

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Barquette Butter Mold

Holds 1 to 1.5 pounds of curd or butter 450 to 500 grams Length:  6.25″ Width:  3.00″ Height:  2.75″ Made of Dairythene plastic

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Bassa Ricotta Mold
Bassa Ricotta Molds
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Blue Cheese Mold
Traditional blue cheese mold used in Italy.
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Brining Bowl, Strainer and Lid

These are the perfect set for brining your Mozzarella, Pasta Filata and/or Feta and other cheeses! 61004/61007:  For use as a brining mold for Mozzarella, Pasta Filata Cheese and Feta. Holds: 1 pound 3 ounces to 3 pounds 4 ounces of … Continued

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Butter Mold, # 6014
A traditional butter or sweet cream mold used throughout France and Italy.
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Camembert and Brie Molds
Camembert and Brie Cheese Molds.
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Chevrottin Mold, #3402
French Chevrottin Cheese Mold
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Edam Mold and Follower Lid
Edam molds from Denmark.
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Feta & Ricotta Cheese Molds

Feta & Ricotta Cheese Molds traditionally used throughout Europe.  Select from seven different sizes and shapes.  All molds are made with Dairythene plastic. 2# Ricotta Mold:  Holds 2 pounds or 907 grams of curd.  Top Internal Diameter:  4.00″, Bottom Internal … Continued

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