Kaasmerk Matec Cheese Markers for a cheese that is distinctly yours!

With over 100 years of experience, Kaasmerk Matec Group cheese marks protect your investment and offer distinction in the industry.  The cheese marks come in many different sizes, colors and can be either customized by Kaasmerk Matec Group or the cheese maker.  Advantages:

  • FDA approved
  • Offers identify and security to your brand
  • Every cheese mark is unique to the cheese maker.
  • The cheese mark and your cheese become one and cannot be removed without leaving a trace on your cheese.
  • The cheese mark provides a ”certificate of authenticity” and identify to your cheese.
  • Process optimization: The cheese mark that is uniquely coded allows the cheese maker to track and adjust the size, weight, water content, salt content and appearance of the cheese during the production process.

Why are the Kaasmerk Matec Group cheese marks FDA approved?

Casein comes as a powder and is mixed with water and a coloring agent and glycerol.  Subsequently, a film is rolled or pressed in a controlled hygienic process that marks are punched in any shape, perforated and printed with their own unique pattern and coding.

You can either purchase non-customized cheese marks at our online store or call or email us for personalized consultation on customization options.  Call Kallijah at 206-307-7224 or email at kallijah@cheeseconnection.net.



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